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Description: Georgia Louise's C + - Pure Ampoules Plus Ionic Wand breathes life into tired, weary skin - think of it as an anti-aging SOS button. The C Pure Ampoule is powered by Pure Vitamin C Powder and Idebenone that work together to brighten, rejuvenate and illuminate the complexion. A real antioxidant powerhouse, it's enriched with Tranexamic Acid and Gluthaione which not only protect the skin from free radicals but work hard to refine skin. Designed to leave skin brighter and glowing from within, it reduces the appearance of pigmentation, helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, neutralizes free radicals, and accelerates natural production of collagen using a pure Vitamin C serum that gets actively 'charged' with every application using a specially created wand. The Ionic Wand uses negatively charged ions known as galvanic current to repel the negatively charged serum into the skin's positively charged pores. This will open up the pores and push active ingredients deep down into the skin, helping it penetrate into the dermis. The secondary result of galvanic current is tightening of the skin, brightening and depuffing due to boosting microcirculation. The Vitamin C is first in powder form, the most fresh, stable and effective form in skincare. Using the specially designed bottle trigger, the powder is 'released' into a serum formulation base, which contains powerful actives and antioxidants including Hydroxydecyl Ubiquinone (a form of CoQ10 that protects skin against free radicals and environmental damage), Glutathione (a combination of three amino acids that helps brighten and naturally fade dark spots), Tranexamic Acid (an amino acid derived from lysine to brighten and prevent moisture loss), and Vitamin E.

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